"Space Ghost: Coast To Coast" cast/creators reunion panel!

Re-animated from the sarcophagus of Hanna-Barbera’s loopiest 1960s intellectual property, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast was a demented baby dragon of a Cartoon Network program whose first breaths of delightful dadaism in 1994 birthed what we now know and revere as Adult Swim. SGC2C gleefully took the basic talk-show format and comforting TV signifiers, and hurled it all into its own claustrophobic galaxy populated with silly, sensitive supervillains, a lovable, unflappable blowhard host, and celebrity guests who were either baffled, hostile, or unbelievably game (who can forget Pavement’s appearance as house band “The Beatles”?) In its ten-year run, SGC2C reached heights of hilarity previously unattempted by any other show, and viewers could sense through their chuckle-seizures that they were witnessing something truly groundbreaking. Tonight’s program of clips, rarities surprises features a reunion of the cast and creators, including the brains/voices behind Brak (Andy Merrill), Zorak and Moltar (C. Martin Croker), editors Jay Edwards & Jon Schnepp, and (schedule permitting) an intergalactic transmission from Space Ghost himself, George Lowe! Plus, Merrill and Croker will occupy the patio after the show for autographs and pictures!

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for our “Space Ghost: Coast To Coast” reunion!