Soundtrack Shelf: Peer Raben - "Music For Fassbinder"

It’s no surprise that Fassbinder is a Cinefamily office favorite. Fox and His Friends, The Merchant of Four Seasons, Martha, Whity, Fear of Fear, Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?, Beware of a Holy Whore, the epic miniseries Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Stationmaster’s Wife — I could keep going all night. Don’t get me started.

Throughout forty-three features cranked out in an incredible thirteen-year span, Peer Raben remained one of Fassbinder’s most loyal and important collaborators, composing the music scores for just about every single one of Fassbinder’s films. In an Raben obit in the Guardian from 2007, C. Jerry Kutner from Bright Lights Film Journal summed it up best:

How to describe Raben’s music? It was as bittersweet as a hurdy-gurdy played on a street corner in Lang’s Berlin, or as melancholy as a tango in a Parisian brothel. He was modern, but only in the sense that early 20th-century composers like Stravinsky, Bartok and Kurt Weill are considered modern.

Raben’s soundtracks are conspicuously absent from the blogosphere for reasons I can’t explain — so let’s rectify that here. This 3-disc set (spanning R.W.F.’s entire head-spinning filmography) came out in ’97, and has been out-of-print almost a whole decade.

DOWNLOAD: Peer Raben, “Music For Fassbinder”, disc 1 (ZIP file)
DOWNLOAD: Peer Raben, “Music For Fassbinder”, disc 2 (ZIP file)
DOWNLOAD: Peer Raben, “Music For Fassbinder”, disc 3 (ZIP file)

Also, check out this YouTube tribute to Raben’s work with Fassbinder:
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