Soundtrack Shelf: "The Price Is Right" '70s Music Library!

My grandmother retired from Hughes Aircraft in the mid ’80s, and from then until now in her retirement years, she watches “The Price Is Right” every weekday. After all these decades of viewing, she is convinced that “the show is fixed.” Grandma Betty sez:

Note how Bob Barker never revealed what the ‘actual retail price’ was on those cards he was holding, in order to pull up from ‘Contestant’s Row’ whomever he wanted to play the games. Like Plinko!”

I have to admit that there’s a vague truth to this: in the Bob Barker days, the home viewer never got to see what was on those cards that he “revealed” only to himself during the Contestants’ Row parts of the show (“And the actual retailer price IS….”), but it’s a bit far-fetched to think the entire enterprise is a sham. Sure, Barker and the show’s producers showed preference to whom they wanted in front of the camera in the first place: the bounciest busty ladies, military servicemen, and thrilled-to-the-gills members of those twenty-large groups that all turn up wearing the same “Price Is Right is the best!” kinds of sweatshirts. But the whole thing? Dunno. I’m conflicted.

Some of the funky-ass music cues that were written in the early ’70s, and compiled in the download below, survived well into the ’90s, when I was still watching the show with my grandmother — and some of them I’d never heard before, as they were retired for reasons unknown.

Take a look at what the whole Price Is Right music library used to look like in the flesh here!

DOWNLOAD: “The Price Is Right” early ’70s music library (ZIP file)