Soundtrack Shelf: "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" OST!

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O happy day! I was personally stoked to see that someone out in the blogosphere had, a few years ago, not only put up an album share of the wildly out-of-print Garbage Pail Kids Movie soundtrack LP (containing the mythical “Working With Each Other” song sung by the Kids! Sadly, the LP doesn’t also have the little ditties sung by Anthony Newley, who played Captain Manzini.) Many thanks to , the long-running trash culture appreciation blog, for posting not only the album, but the PDF of the 36-page movie tie-in souvenir magazine! Can you dig it?!?!

DOWNLOAD: Various Artists – The Garbage Pail Kids Movie OST (.RAR file)
DOWNLOAD: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie “Official Movie Magazine” (PDF)