This horror-themed playlist is the first time that Bret and Nicolaou have collaborated together on an episode of the podcast — spot which tracks came from whom, and win a year’s supply of canned soup!

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Friday The 13th Part 3 – Disco Theme (Hot Ice)
The Fearless Vampire Killers – Main Title (Krzysztof Komeda)
The Black Cat – The Black Cat (Scotty McKay)
Shoobie Doobie Moon – You Make Me Feel Like A Monster (John Harrison)
Sugar Hill – Supernatural Voodoo Woman (The Originals)
Shock – Tema Di Marco – Tema Di Marco II (Libra)
Tenebre – Slow Circus (Goblin)
The Blob (1958) – Beware of the Blob (Burt Bacharach)
Gremlins – The Gremlins Rag (Jerry Goldsmith)
Howling II – Howling Theme (The London Theatre Orchestra)
Deadly Friend – B.B. (Charles Bernstein?)
The 12th Paris International Fantasy & Science Fiction Film Festival – Bloodnight (Yan Tregger)
TerrorVision – Terrorvision (The Fibonaccis)
The Keep – Ancient Powerplant (Tangerine Dream)
The Dunwich Horror – Black Mass (Les Baxter)
Boardinghouse – Opening Theme (33 1/3? Kalassu? Teeth?)
Fiend For Flesh – Coming Attraction
The Stuff – 2 commercials
Trick Or Treat – Trick Or Treat (Fastway)
Hard Rock Zombies – Zombies Lure Ghouls (Paul Sabu)
Rocktober Blood – Killer On The Loose (Sorcery)
Rock ‘N Roll Nightmare – We Accept The Challenge (Jon Mikl Thor)
Dreamaniac – ?? (Tom Milano/Don Great)
The Green Slime – The Green Slime (Richard Delvy)