SOUNDTRACK SHELF #11 w/ special guest Nick Urata!

Back on Saturday, August 18th, we recorded the very first live-in-front-of-a-studio-audience version of the Soundtrack Shelf podcast. We’re re-vamping the whole thing a bit, to include special live guests every show — and for our inaugural live episode, we were lucky enough to be joined by Nick Urata, who’s not only the leader of the gypsy/folk/punk band DeVotchKa, but also the composer of scores to such films as Ruby Sparks, Little Miss Sunshine and I Love You, Phillip Morris.

Nick was great fun to banter with on-stage, for he had a great deal to say about some of Cinefamily’s soundtrack heroes — folks like John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith and Maurice Jarre, among others. Plus, he also gave us a live theremin demonstration, while talking about how the theremin plays an active role in the groundwork of his composing duties.

If ya dig what you hear in this episode, then consider being a studio audience member for future live Soundtrack Shelf tapings!

DOWNLOAD: Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #11, August 2012, w/ special guest Nick Urata (MP3)

From Russia With Love – 007 (John Barry)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – We Have All The Time In The World (John Barry)
The Black Hole – Main Title (John Barry)
Planet of the Apes – The Forbidden Zone (Jerry Goldsmith)
Rambo: First Blood Part II — Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)
Rollerball – Glass Sculpture (AndrĂ© Previn)
The Hidden – The Dog (Michael Convertino)
The Day The Earth Stood Still – Prelude and Outer Space (Bernard Herrmann)
Vertigo – Prelude and Rooftop (Bernard Herrmann)
Lawrence of Arabia – Overture (Maurice Jarre)
Rushmore – The Hardest Geometry Problem In The World (Mark Mothersbaugh)
I Love You, Phillip Morris – Faking Death (Nick Urata)
Top Secret – How Silly Can You Get (sung by Val Kilmer)
West Side Story – Maria (Leonard Bernstein / Stephen Sondheim)
The Empire Strikes Back – Han Solo and the Princess (John Williams)