Rudolph Valentino in "Son of the Sheik"

Valentino’s deviation from his established popular persona resulted in the wildly successful character “The Sheik”, under the guise of which the Latin Lover traded in his tango shoes for the flowing robes of the fiery, tempestuous Ahmed. This sequel to the original 1921 film The Sheik finds Valentino gallivanting through more desert disasters and delicious dilemmas, all played with the dangerous elegance that was Rudy’s stock in trade. Here, in addition to Ahmed, he also plays Ahmed Jr. (thanks to some strange double-exposure photography), who becomes enamored with a true spitfire: a beautiful dancer played by silent star Vilma Bánky. Tempered by gentle humor and wonderful spectacle, the film is most often noted for its artful cinematography, which managed to capture Valentino’s final performance with richness and depth.
Dir. George Fitzmaurice, 1926, 35mm, 68 min.

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