Somewhere Beautiful (with Atom Egoyan, Albert Kodagolian in person) + Avi Buffalo & Andrea Silva live!

Atom Egoyan’s seminal 1993 film Calendar served as the inspiration for Somewhere Beautiful, a rapturous 16 and 35mm portrait of the fragile vulnerabilities so inherent to human connections. Kodagolian’s metatextual homage is set between the wilds of Patagonia and the glare of Los Angeles, between the making of a film and the fallout from a relationship. Tender and intimate, this simultaneous portrait of the creative process and the half life of romance features several original songs by musicians Andrea Silva and Avi Buffalo. Following the screening, Avi and Andrea will play a live set!

Dir. Albert Kodagolian, 2016, digital presentation, 78 min.

Watch the trailer!