Beneficiary of one of the most ingenious movie marketing schemes of the 20th century, the caustic oddity Snuff is a weird Frankenstein-ed beast, and has a backstory as killer as its freakish finale. Starting life as the unreleased flick Slaughter, the film is, up until its last minutes, the Manson-like tale of a South American biker cult leader (named “Satan”, BTW) and his murderous/topless hippie chick followers. Cool enough already, eh? Directed by infamous 42nd Street sleaze king Michael Findlay, Slaughter was years later acquired by Findlay’s distributor (and sometimes pornographer) Allan Shackleton, who commissioned a new ending: a complete 90-degree turn, filmed in vérité style, purporting to be documentary footage of the Slaughter film crew committing a real-life murder of an actress. Not just any killing, but rather one in which they split her open and toss her guts around like Christmas tinsel. Hiring fake protesters to picket theaters showing the film, Shackleton instigated such a juicy public outcry against this “real snuff film” that curious moviegoers had no choice but to queue up around the block and participate in the historic event. This October 22nd, relive the nauseous outrage with us, in an ultra-rare 35mm screening of this celebrated curio!
Dirs. Michael Findlay, Horacio Fredriksson & Simon Nuchtern, 1976, 35mm, 80 min. (Archival 35mm print courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome/Process Blue)

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