SLOTH: Ladies of Leisure

Live Set by DJ Mean Mr. Mustard

From the top-floor balcony of a glamorous Manhattan loft, the wealthy, beautiful and slightly drunk bestow confetti and full bottles of liquor on the common man like expensive glass water balloons. Debonair jazz age playboys look like they’ve partied a little too hard by 1930 but for the Ladies of Leisure it’s just another night on the job. Prostitution stories (this one’s thinly veiled–when a man needs a date, she’s the “filler in”) can be seedy or puritanical, but Capra treats his subjects with uncommon dignity and Barbara Stanwyck, in her star-making turn, is so funny, so insightful and so enormously human that every scene becomes a showcase for her sardonic, brazen wit–no matter who she’s with or what’s on the page–and the whole movie pauses for a double-take just when she stumbles in, bumming for a cigarette.

Dir. Frank Capra, 1930, 35mm, 99 min.

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