Sleep Tight

The word “creepy” is constantly misused and abused all over the place in reference to modern horror films, but Sleep Tight (the new amazing work from [REC] co-director Jaume Balagueró) has one essential element at its core that really earns the word: a real make-your-skin-peel, gut-constricting CREEPAZOID. Every slithering aspect of Luis Tosar’s incredibly meticulous performance as the humdrum concierge of an upscale Barcelona apartment building — one who, in between playing doorman and delivering newspapers, ritualistically hides for hours under the bed of one particular resident and chloroforms her while she sleeps — gives off the radiating ideal of the secret sociopathic stalker. Unable to experience pleasure, he instead gets his quasi-jollies out of quietly making others suffer, with the cat-and-mouse relationship between him and Marta Etura as his unwilling nightly muse being only the tip of the freakish iceberg. Building on the Polanski legacy of “apartment horrors” like The Tenant and Repulsion, Sleep Tight is one of the most intensely creepy and satisfying clockwork contraptions in recent memory. THIS FILM IS AWESOME.
Dir. Jaume Balagueró, 2011, 102 min.

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