Sledgehammer + Brain Bludgeon

Co-presented by Intervision Picture Corp.

1940s scientists put years of study into creating the nuclear bomb, but it wasn’t until the first tests at Los Alamos that they realized its inhuman powers of absolute destruction. Four decades later, filmmaker David Prior similarly unveiled Sledgehammer, a shot-on-VHS masterstroke of anti-intellectual decimation. On that day, cinema quietly crumbled into dust. Ted Prior (star of Deadly Prey; brother of the director) leads a cast of self-loathing alcoholics who face off against a shape-shifting, dimension-crossing spectre with a penchant for blunt object trauma. By the end, brains, bowels and Budweiser will be smeared across every inch of the walls. A rewardingly lethal collision of ‘80s slasher video-vomit, suburban legend and unintentional surrealist art, Prior’s supernaturally disabled death opera is the most visionary migraine to ever pummel its way into your skull. If you survive it, you’ll never ever forget it. Before the feature, it’s time for Brain Bludgeon! Sewn together from hundreds of forgotten horror films, BB is a transcendental fusion of trash that exposes the willing to everything curious, bizarre, hilarious and awful about no-budget genre films. Hot penny torture, exploding 3D skulls, brutal “de-fetusing,” raping zombies, and much more collide in this blissfully IQ-withering amalgamation of exploitation hell!
Sledgehammer   Dir. David A. Prior, 1983, digital presentation, 87 min.
Brain Bludgeon   Dir. Shal Ngo, 2010, digital presentation, 30 min.

Watch a trippy, creepy excerpt from “Sledgehammer”!

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