Skidoo (brand-new HD restoration!)

You’ve only read about it and heard about it before — now, finally see one of the most notorious unseen studio films of the 1960s, presented in a brand-new HD restoration! Yes, Skidoo is the film where Jackie Gleason takes acid — but that’s just one of the many unpredictable pleasures of this somewhat misguided, yet constantly entertaining one-of-a-kinder! Director Otto Preminger takes on hippiedom and LSD in this freewheeling all-star comedy that endearingly zips back and forth between razor-sharp satire and sitcom schmaltz, all backed by lysergically-treated pop culture parodies (and one of the greatest end credit theme songs ever) from Harry Nilsson. Ralph Kramden’s not the only one along for this giddy ride, as a head-spinning number of familiar faces are also on-hand: Groucho Marx, Carol Channing, Mickey Rooney, Frankie Avalon, John Philip Law, Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith and scores more! In-between the mountains of uproarious throwaway gags, Preminger (who reportedly dropped acid under the supervision of Timothy Leary for pre-production research) also here executes some of the creepiest, craziest and most creative “tripping” sequences in drugsploitation cinema. The film caused such a critical uproar upon its release that it was almost permanently buried for good, but it’s finally back on the big screen where it belongs — so Skid-daddle on down to Skidoo, ‘cause if you Skid-don’t, then that’d be totally Skid-diculous!
Dir. Otto Preminger, 1968, HDCAM, 97 min.

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