Sion Sono's "Guilty of Romance" (1/23, 10:30pm)

We’ve made no secret of the unrepentant film crush the Cinefamily has on Sion Sono. His mixture of cinematic intelligence and trashy sensibilities fits us like a tailored suit, and our enthusiasm for his films Love Exposure and Cold Fish in the last year or two has flowed intensely. He’s now hit a third home run in a row with this horrifying tale of sex and violence, concluding his trilogy of “Hate Films” with another satisfyingly constructed, potent and provocative movie. The sinful yin to Cold Fish’s heavy yang, Guilty of Romance is a similar tale of a female protagonist’s roiling Id boiling over, this time featuring the repressed and oppressed Izumi (Megumi Kagurazaka), whose escape from patriarchy starts by selling sausages in a supermarket, but ends down a rabbit hole of perversion and daytime prostitution. Guilty of Romance works like a more punishing, disturbing reworking of Bunuel’s Belle De Jour, with the darkest of consequences, and is sure to rile audiences in the best of ways.
Dir. Sion Sono, 2011, digital presentation, 112 min.

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