Simple Men

If you’re a fan of angry young men with a mind for motorcycles, anarchy, arson and the moves to match Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing”, this one’s for you. Hal Hartley describes Simple Men, his third feature and international breakthrough, as “…a romance with an attitude problem.” Two brothers, one a sensitive intellectual and the other a jackass computer thief recently betrayed by his girlfriend, go on a road trip to search for their father: a famous shortstop turned underground ‘60s radical in hiding after a prison escape. This highly amusing, handsomely filmed ‘90s slice of absurdist life captures a bygone era when the rent in Long Island was low enough for Simple Men like these to actually exist. Oh, and there are nuns, lots of nuns — and Catholic school girls, who do what Catholic school girls generally do.
Dir. Hal Hartley, 1992, 35mm, 105 min.

Watch the “Kool Thing” dance from “Simple Men”!
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