Specializing in weirdos, whackos, wiccans and hatchet men, Britain’s Ben Wheatley has, much like Laurence Anyways’s Xavier Dolon, become a truly vibrant film artist to watch in just a handful of years. His movies are a mad buffet of the murderous and the mundane, and none better illustrate this then Sightseers, the outrageous serial-killing satire released stateside this year. Paired perfectly, co-stars/co-writers Alice Lowe and Steve Oram are a daft shut-in and a rage-filled bloke on holiday in the English countryside. In this uproarious vision of literal suburban hell, they dispatch a gruesome demise first to any annoying posh yuppies in their overly souped-up RVs, then to pretty much anyone who crosses their path at the slightest provocation. Working as a gigglefest cross between Withnail & I and Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer, Sightseers constantly rides the daring knife-edge of stark violence in contrast to its astute observational humor, giving it an unpredictable flavor so desperately lacking in a lot of today’s big-screen comedies.
Dir. Ben Wheatley, 2012, DCP, 88 min.

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