SID CAESAR TRIBUTE: Ten From Your Show of Shows (4/4, hosted by Mel Brooks!)

“Sid’s was the show to which all comedy writers aspired. It was the place to be.” — Steve Allen

All hail Caesar — and Coca, and Reiner, and Morris! This past February, the worlds of television and comedy lost one of the most titanic talents in their collective history: Sid Caesar, the actor/writer/musician at the center of the single funniest TV show of the entire 1950s. Your Show Of Shows, the pre-eminent sketch comedy force on the early Tube, was adult, complex, true to life, and was phenomenally well-written by such future luminaries as Mel Brooks and Neil Simon. Alongside players-of-1000-faces Carl Reiner, Imogene Coca and Howard Morris (who all mastered rubbery broad strokes and minute details of characterization in equal measure), Caesar nailed his comedic craft in almost every sketch the show ever aired. Come pay tribute to the master, and the show that brought him to the masses, with Ten From Your Show Of Shows, a feature-length compendium of the program’s most hilarious moments. Tonight’s screening is hosted by Mel Brooks — WOW!!!!
Dir. Max Liebman, 1973, 35mm, 92 min. (Print courtesy of UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Watch the classic “Recital” sketch from “Your Show Of Shows”!
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