Show & Tell w/ Richard Stanley

Filmmaker/raconteur/historian Richard Stanley is best known for the narrative films Hardware and Dust Devil, as well as the story behind the debacle of The Island of Dr. Moreau (documented in 2014’s Lost Soul.) Yet the true stories of both Stanley’s life and his lesser-known documentaries rival any of the fictional tales he’s told. Brought up by an anthropologist mother in South Africa, Stanley grew up amongst indigenous tribes and sorcerers as his mother studied their witchcraft practices and folklore. Much like how Jodorowsky was left unable to make another feature after Santa Sangre, Stanley left Hollywood after Moreau but kept working by diving deeply into his passions of the occult and esoterica, misunderstood cultures and anthropology — at times living for several months amongst Afghani jihadists, Haitian voodoo priests (both white and black), esoteric Nazis, and the neo-Cathars and warlocks of the tiny village of Montesegur, France, where he lives now.

Come tonight to hear these stories, watch clips from Stanley’s extraordinary documentaries and his entire film on Haitian voodoo, The White Darkness (2002) — and see how Richard is the closest thing we have to a Jodorowsky or Herzog of his generation.