Show & Tell w/ Lawrence Schiller + The Man Who Skied Down Everest

Preserved by the Academy Film Archive. 35mm print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

Cinefamily Show & Tell invites artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other cultural heroes to divulge their deepest, darkest media obsessions by opening their closets, digging through their attics and plundering their garages to curate an evening of…whatever they want to share! For this edition, we’ve invited veritable polymath Lawrence Schiller—whose career spans photography, journalism, and filmmaking—to take us on a tour of the audio, video, and other ephemera that has inspired him. From photographing Richard Nixon’s failed presidential run and Marilyn Monroe to writing a book with Norman Mailer, Schiller has certainly got stories to share…

This crash-course trip through an impressive career kicks off a weekend of screenings celebrating the restoration of The American Dreamer, beginning with The Man Who Skied Down Everest, the 1975 Academy Award-winning doc Schiller co-directed with Bruce Nyznik, which captured Japanese alpinist Yuichiro Miura’s risky—and visually stunning—journey down Mt Everest.

Dir Bruce Nyznik & Lawrence Schiller, 1975, 35mm, 86 min.

Watch the trailer for The Man Who Skied Down Everest!