Shock Value: The Movie (feat. USC short films by John Carpenter & Dan O'Bannon!)

A brand-new compilation of restored/preserved USC short films that sowed the seeds for the horror genre’s redefinition in the Seventies! Using New York Times scribe Jason Zinoman’s book “Shock Value” as the inspiration, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts archivist Dino Everett has lovingly assembled a feature-length compilation of recently uncovered and previously unseen late ‘60s/early ‘70s SCA student works. This embryonic bank of thrills proves how Dan O’Bannon (co-creator of Alien, Dark Star and Return of the Living Dead) and classmates like John Carpenter, Terry Winkless (co-writer, The Howling), Alec Lorimore (pioneering IMAX filmmaker) and more helped invent modern horror while on the USC campus. The program includes O’Bannon and Carpenter’s very first pairing in 1968 on Good Morning Dan — and the crown jewel Foster’s Release. Made in 1971, this short by Winkless and Lorimore, and starring O’Bannon, is the blueprint for films such as Halloween, Black Christmas, He Knows You’re Alone and countless others (as well, O’Bannon’s portrayal of the killer resembles all that would follow, such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.)

- Blood Bath (Dir/Scr. Dan O’Bannon, 1969, 7 min.)
- The Demon (Dir/Scr. Charles Adair, 1970, 19 min.)
- Good Morning Dan (Dir/Scr. Dan O’Bannon, camera by John Carpenter, 1968, 19 min.)
- Captain Voyeur (Dir/Scr. John Carpenter, 1969, 7 min.)
- Blood Bath (Dir/Scr. Dan O’Bannon, 1976 redux, 8 min.)
- Foster’s Release (Dir. Terence Winkless, Scr. Alec Lorimore, 1971, 15 min.)

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