Shock 'Em Dead (Michael Angelo performing in person & cast/crew reunion!)

Raise your fists to the awesome power of one of the Nineties’ most hellacious underground horror films! Let’s pretend you’re a huge dweeb who lost your pizzeria gig, got evicted from the trailer park, got humiliated by the dream band you just auditioned for — all before Satan plays double-necked guitar and shocks the power of rock into you! You wake up to find yourself with huge hair, a sweet-ass house, hot babes, and the power to strum your axe like a God. The catch? You and your gang of bimbos must kill and consume the living in order to survive! Are we describing a wet dream you had in middle school? No, it can only be Shock ‘Em Dead, starring Traci Lords! Incredible visuals, fake boobs, petty revenge, satirical comments on the vapid, soulless L.A. music industry, and guitar wizardry by Michael Angelo Batio (Guitar One Magazine’s “Number One Shredder of All Time”) — need we say more?! Highly recommended, and a proud earner of the Robert Johnson Cinematic Seal of Excellence! Join us after the show for a cast/crew reunion Q&A — and a full live set from Shock ‘Em Dead guitar god Michael Angelo Batio, featuring the legendary Double-Guitar from the film!
Dir. Mark Freed, 1991, digital presentation, 93 min.

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