FLORIDA: Shakma + Shock Waves

SHAKMA – 10:00pm
It’s the return of one of Cinefamily’s old-school favorites! Remember hearing some years ago about the man whose pet chimp went ape, ripping off the guy’s face and testicles? Did it make you flinch, covering your own parts in sympathy? Get ready to flinch once again, for Shakma will swipe at your jewels in a bloodthirsty mania. Christopher Atkins (the deeply tanned star of The Blue Lagoon) and his friends hang out after-hours in the med school building of their sun-bleached Florida university, playing (what else?) a D&D-like role playing game run by game master Roddy McDowell (or as he pronounces it, “Gay Master”,) and proceed to have their throats ripped out by an angered, psychotic lab test baboon who hunts them down one by one, Alien-style. The real heroes of this film are the production’s animal handlers, who managed to not get anyone murdered as their baboon actor forcefully hurled itself at doors, windows, its co-stars or anything else in its path, screaming bloody murder all the while in a truly terrifying electric rage.
Dirs. Hugh Parks & Tom Logan, 1990, 35mm, 100 min.

SHOCK WAVES – approx. midnight
It’s the underwater Nazi zombie flick that cares: Shock Waves. Brooke Adams is the survivor of an ill-fated vacation cruise, during which her ship runs aground on Peter Cushing’s tropical SS hideaway — a Floridian isle on which he breeds zombies from the bodies of his deceased Aryan soldiers. Lurking beneath the water, this self-appointed Death Corps is ready to drag new visitors to a very soggy death! Despite its lack of technical polish, Shock Waves is one of those buried treasures horror fans love to discover and recommend to their friends. The surreal, dreamlike setting plays like a cross between Lucio Fulci’s Zombie and the haunted wastelands of Val Lewton, while the detached, somnambulist performances, coupled with a skin-crawling electronic score, make for a unique and unsettling experience.
Dir. Ken Wiederhorn, 1977, 35mm, 90 min.

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