SHAKEY FEST: Human Highway (Newly Restored "Director's Cut"!)

For as much as they anchor the New American Songbook and all, Neil Young and Bob Dylan have the weirdest taste in movies. Here, Bernard Shakey (Neil’s nom de sloppy-cam) directs an orange-glowing Devo against a radiation-drenched desert backdrop in this no-nukes yuk-’em-up. Neil plays the greasemonkey dork-turned-accidental rock god in overalls and Nutty Professor teeth, on a single gas-food-lodging set that most resembles a Monkees episode crossed with Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. The surfeit of ravens, owls, wooden Indians and Russ Tamblyn would show up in Twin Peaks a decade later. Dennis Hopper, Sally Kirkland and co-director Dean Stockwell round out the cast, while Devo mops up the gloopy nuclear sludge and leads the full ensemble in a dance version of “It Takes a Worried Man” (choreographed with shovels). See it just for the blistering 10-minute “Hey Hey, My My” with Devo at the Fab Mab, and Neil in psychotic Grampa Granola mode. —Paul Cullum

Dir. Bernard Shakey & Dean Stockwell, 1982, 80 minute Director’s Cut