Sexperiments: A Collection of Turned-On Shorts (feat. "Christmas On Earth" w/ live score by White Rainbow!

As constraints on representing sexuality were loosened for mainstream films starting in the late ‘60s (a la Midnight Cowboy, A Clockwork Orange), so were the shackles around experimental artists, who were finally freed to fearlessly explore and blow minds with alternate views on the love act (or “amourous congress”, as they used to say in olden times.) The filmmakers selected for tonight’s shorts compilation — including luminaries like Gunvor Nelson, Constance Beeson, Paul Sherits, and animators like Vince Collins — employed a myriad of styles, from strobic overstimulation (Peace Mandala) and haunting meditations on the human form (The Operation), to freaked-out comics of morphing genetalia (Desire Pie). Tonight’s centerpiece film even comes complete with a live score! Filmmaker Barbara Rubin was a 20-year-old denzien of Warhol’s Factory, and along with being credited as discovering the Velvet Underground, she also made Christmas On Earth, in which participants in the experiment donned tribal body paint as they proceeded to explore each other every which way but loose. The film’s “screenings” were often at friends’ apartments, with musical accompaniment ranging from turning the radio dial to the Velvets playing live. We’re pleased to announce Portland, OR’s prolific White Rainbow will be supplying tonight’s accompanying soundscape to this carnal free-for-all of fingerpainting and fingerbanging.

Watch Cinefamily’s original NSFW trailer for “Sexperiments!”