Seven Weeks (w/ Nobuhiko Obayashi ((Director of Hausu)) & Actor Takako Tokiwa in person!)

“GUERNICA IN MOVING IMAGES” is the description Nobuhiko Obayashi, best known to Western audiences as the director of wild cult-horror classic Hausu, has assigned his new film. Sprawling and ambitious, Seven Weeks takes the death of the Suzuki family patriarch as its narrative origin. The family gathers in Hokkaido to mourn, in keeping with the Buddhist tradition of holding memorials every seven days for 49 days, a ritual out of which an epic web of family history and Japanese history is spun. By turns political and poetic, Seven Weeks flits between time periods and locales, with surreal sequences and cacophonic dialogue echoing the fantasy and surrealism for which Obayashi is known. Labyrinthine in both content and form, Seven Weeks spans huge swaths of time and space, all the while haunted by the specter of WWII. Do not miss this saga of epic proportions!

Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi, 2014, Digital Presentation, 171 min.

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