Seeding Of A Ghost

Gore, goo, and a cursed cab driver collide in one of the most extreme Shaw Brothers horrors, a vicious look at the consequences of blind vengeance. More specifically, it’s about what happens when you recruit a black magic practitioner to raise the dead; in this case, the cabbie’s murdered, cheating wife, which results in a riotous face-ripping, shotgun-blasting finale. Stick with the moody opening act and brace yourself for a rollercoaster of monsters, excessive nudity, worm barfing, and highly improper use of coconuts. Oh, yeah, and you get to see a sex scene between a floating reanimated corpse and a ghost, which has to be a cinematic first. It’s also just a really good film, too — one complete with a creepy synth-laced score and some kickass graveyard sets. You’ll never have another cinematic experience quite like this one.
Dir. Chuan Yang, 1983, 35mm, 90 min.

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