SECOND LOOKS W/ ILLEANA DOUGLAS: The Hammer (co-hosted by Adam Carolla!)

Tonight’s film is co-hosted by co-writer/star Adam Carolla! Illeana Douglas says: “You wouldn’t think a movie about an amauter boxer-turned-loser-turned-handyman-turned-boxer would work, but resting on the stooped shoulders of Adam Carolla, The Hammer is a heartfelt comedy that totally deserves a Second Look. This kindler, gentler Adam Carolla is — dare I say it — loveable? Most of the time you want to give Jerry Faro (Carolla’s on-screen alter ego) a big hug. ‘You’re one of those 95-percenters who never quite gives it everything you got.’ Ouch. He’s taken so many lefts in life, he’s begging for a right. His dreams may look like they’re in the rearview mirror of his broken-down truck, but with the help of his sidekick, played by the hilarious Oswaldo Castillo (the Nicaraguan immigrant who Adam worked with on real-life construction jobs during the ‘80s), Jerry Faro may be an unlikely contender in the boxing ring — and finally, a contender in his own life.” This touching, endearing sports comedy had a too-brief theatrical run back in 2007 — so catch this rare 35mm screening with Adam in person.
Dir. Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, 2007, 35mm, 88 min.