SECOND LOOKS: An Unmarried Woman (hosted by Illeana Douglas & James Ponsoldt!)

“One of the funniest, truest, sometimes most heartbreaking movies I’ve ever seen.” — Roger Ebert

The afternoon’s film pick, screened from an archival 35mm print, is curated by filmmaker James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now, Smashed!) One of Paul Mazursky’s greatest critical and commercial triumphs, An Unmarried Woman is, in the words of one of the film’s own characters, “Ingmar Bergman meets Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” — radiantly capturing the fears and desires of the Carter-era “Seventies heading into the Eighties” zeitgeist, while also providing actress Jill Clayburgh with the most important role of her career. The ability to accurately render instantly believable characters is one of Mazursky’s greatest cinematic strengths, and in this film, he provides Clayburgh (whose work here was Oscar-nominated) and a bevy of her onscreen female friends with dialogue and situations that feel all too real — especially pertaining to her recent ex-husband (Michael Murphy) and her new boho lover (Alan Bates.) Amongst An Unmarried Woman’s pointillistic emotional victories amongst the singles bars, uptown galleries and the shrink’s office, Clayburgh’s performance is a truly electric work of art, one which you won’t be able to take your eyes away from.
Dir. Paul Mazursky, 1978, 35mm, 124 min. (Archival print courtesy of Fox Archive)

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