SEASON'S BEATINGS: A CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG - Sammo Sunday Double Feature (Pedicab Driver & Blade of Fury!)

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Sammo Hung drives this wonderfully unclassifiable Hong Kong 80s action comedy. Throw together slapstick, some miscommunications, bizarre comedy, melodrama, sudden tragedy and yes, incredible fight scenes, and you’ve got a bit of an idea as to what Pedicab Driver—the pièce de résistance of Hung’s massive career—is like. Hung and Max Mok play a pair of pedicab drivers (think rickshaws pulled by bicycles) who fall in love—but the story flies off the rails from there, as the excuses for elaborate acrobatic fight scenes pile up. To quote Jackie Chan, “Sammo Hung is 300 pounds, but moves like a monkey.”

Dir. Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, 1989, 35mm (English Dubbed), 95 min.

Betrayal occurs, sides are chosen, and IT ALL GOES TO HELL. Fighting erupts, people die, and heroes are born. Blade of Fury‘s bombastic fight choreography immediately earns it a place among genre films of the nineties. The action is periodically under-cranked and sometimes over-the-top, but it flows fast and furiously. The cast is a mixture of fighters trying to act and actors trying to fight, and for the most part, it works oddly well.

For martial arts junkies who enjoy the down-and-dirty Hong Kong action of the nineties and not the over-choreographed ballet battles of the new millenium, Blade of Fury will certainly tickle that fancy. – Kozo (LOVEHKFILM.COM)

Dir. Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, 1993, Digital Presentation, 105 min.

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