SEASON'S BEATINGS: A CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG - Cat III Double Feature (Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky & Devil Fetus!)

The greatest gore-soaked Hong Kong prison breakout love story of 1991—and STILL the Category III (HK’s equivalent to “NC-17”) mug melter that tops all international brain smashers in its ability to make an audience pump their fists in an orgiastic ecstasy of blood and violence! In the dystopian future of 2001, the prison system has been privatized, and is run by monsters far worse than the criminals they rule. Enter martial artist/former music student/invincible headcrusher Ricky, sent to prison for avenging the death of his girlfriend. As Ricky’s innate sense of justice repeatedly sends him into battle, piles of prosthetics and well-stocked blood hoses are put to good use, for he murders with his bare hands every single baddie in the whole clink, in ascending levels of gory absurdity. What we’re getting at is: never has the term “must be seen to be believed” been more appropriate than when communicating the radness of Riki-Oh. With every frame filled to previously-unimagined levels of ultra violent insanity, it remains the most eye-popping, over-the-top martial arts gut-buster ever conceived!

Dir. Lam Nai-choi, 1991, 35mm, 91 min.

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As its name suggests, Devil Fetus is the goriest of our Seasons Beatings offerings—a brutal splatter film stuffed to the gills with hauntings and entrails! What it may lack in logic or plot, Devil Fetus more than makes up for in gross-out gags and attention-grabbers. To keep it brief, a young couple buys an old vase, and all hell (especially the bodily and bloody kind) breaks loose.

In the words of Zack Carlson: “Sometimes two simple words—like ‘true’ and ‘love’—can combine to create a spellbinding, lyrical beauty that transcends mere language and touches the human heart. Such is the case with Devil Fetus!! A blazing bedlamathon that had no right to ever be made, this cinematic felony is fortified with enough unrepentant wildness to challenge the fortitude of even the most stalwart exploitationeer. Incestuous transvestitism, countless beheadings, featherweight bestiality, white-knuckle black magic showdowns, and hardline electrofunk-powered rumpshaking are among the delights unearthed when a woman has consensual relations with the supernatural beast that lives in a vase she bought at a swap meet. Gird your loins for an epic whirlwind of lust, gore and animal cruelty in this 200-ton barrel of lowbrow DYNAMITE! Could this be the most offensive Hong Kong movie of the 80s? YES! Honestly, the only possible reason you would NOT watch Devil Fetus would be that you are a complete ass. Well? ARE YOU AN ASS??!”

Dir. Hung-Chuen Lau, 1983, 35mm, 84 min.

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