Searching For Sugar Man

Winner of the Best Documentary Feature Oscar just a few short weeks ago, Searching For Sugar Man comes to the Cinefamily screen in a 35mm presentation! The truly outstanding, totally engrossing yarn of a long-lost folk rock legend suddenly found! In 1968, there emerged a charismatic Detroit singer/songwriter named Rodriguez, who attracted a local following with his mysterious presence, soulful melodies and prophetic lyrics. A Chicano Bob Dylan, Rodriguez was the greatest ’70s icon who never was, but his debut album was a commercial disaster, marking the premature decline of his career — and the widespread rumors of his suicide. Years later, in South Africa (of all places), Rodriguez’s musical message connected with an entire generation of liberal youth totally at odds with Apartheid. Upon the belated CD release of his second LP, two South African fans take it as a sign to look into the mystery of how Rodriguez died, and what happened to all of the profits from his album sales. Thus begins a wild obstacle ride documented in this heartbreaking, humorous, shocking and hopeful story about the resonating, life-changing power of music.
Dir. Malik Bendjellou, 2012, 35mm, 85 min.

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