Schrab & Harmon's Found Crap V!

My, how the time passes us by. Can you believe that in just one single year, Rob Schrab (co-creator of “The Sarah Silverman Program”, Channel 101, plus much more) and Dan Harmon (same as Rob, plus also the creator of “Community”) have graced us with their favorite found footage gems four times already, and that this show marks the fifth?! To be honest, it’s hard to imagine life before they started doing them — but let’s not think about it too much, and just be thankful for how good we got it. Anyone who’s been to one of these romps knows that you enter a child and leave an adult — meaning that you see a lifetime’s worth of amazing shit, and lose your innocence in the process. From showcasing the most gut-wrenching standup audition tapes to the Midwest macabre of Paul Knop, Schrab & Harmon are like Professor Robert Langdon, and their collection is the “Da Vinci Code of Crap.” When they started at Cinefamily, we never knew our audience could ever laugh as hard as they do during these shows; we may have to bring the riot squad this time around.