School in the Crosshairs (5/23)

When one gets hooked on House — where to turn to for the next immediate fix? The undisputable answer: School In The Crosshairs (aka The Aimed School), the 1981 phantasmagoria of light, sound, optical printing, dance numbers, exemplary sportsmanship, pubescent upskirt mania and extraterrestrial grudge matches wherein the battle for the balance of the universe is waged on the grounds of a prep school. With tanker trucks full of flair, Nobuhiko Obayashi weaves an ultra-dense web of teen nonsense; like a cross between John Hughes and Robert Altman, School In The Crosshairs tracks a humungous, Nashville-esque level of interweaving, bizarro characterizations. One of the many grand pleasures this hyper-comical juggernaut exudes is watching the vast array of its kooky denizens bounce off each other like fizzy electrons. When it’s mellow, you’ve got a touching portrait of adolescent longing — and when the drugs kick in, the all-out lysergic SFX storm washes over you, and it’s like every lava lamp in the world just erupted all over you.
Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1981, 35mm, 90 min.

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