Saturday Morning Cartoons: Smorgasbord

This month, Saturday Morning Cartoons is throwing themselves a celebratory hootenanny with favorite episodes that for one reason or another didn’t fit any of this year’s monthly themes. We’ve been itching to play some of these amazing cartoons, and showcase the best bits from Mickey Mouse to Jake the Dog, from Olive Oyl to Maggie Simpson, in a giant buffet of our all time favorite toons. Join us as we dust off some of our favorites to celebrate the chaos of the Saturday Mornings of the past—with selections from Looney Tunes, Nicktoons, and Disney Afternoons, and much more. Bring the kids, eat your weight in cereal at our complimentary, all you can eat cereal bar, and enjoy the cartoon cavalcade of awesome that awaits you!

Pajamas not mandatory, but encouraged.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!