Saturday Morning Cartoons: Rivals

Since the beginning of time there have been heroes and their villains, anti-heroes and their foils, cats and the stubborn mice and birds that torment them. From big bad wolves trying to catch their next meal, to best frenemies forced to endure each others company, rivalry is a strong and load-bearing pillar of the Saturday Morning Cartoon world. Toms & Sylvesters and Jerrys & Tweety Birds have proven time and time again that everyone needs a worthy opponent, or even an unworthy one; Rocko has his neighbors the Bigheads, Wile E. Coyote has the Road Runner, and even Maggie Simpson has the baby with one eyebrow. So come and celebrate the time honored tradition of animated animosity with our favorite Saturday Morning rivalries!

Pajamas not mandatory, but encouraged. Complimentary cereal bar with a rotation of the best sugary cereals on the market (featuring our monthly mix) and a cash bar for the grown ups who want their sugar delivered in the form of a mimosa.

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