ABD presents Saturday Morning Cartoons: Henson

Hello Boys and Girls! Cinefamily is honoring the legend that is Jim Henson all week with a truly amazing retrospective—so this month’s Saturday Morning is all about Henson Animation! Though most people associate Henson with muppetry, since the 80’s, Henson studios has been creating wonderful animated worlds just as wacky and inventive as their muppeteering. We will be showing classic Henson animation as well as some hidden gems you might not have ever seen—as well as a sampling of what Henson Studios has been up to recently. So hop on the Dinosaur Train and let’s see if we can answer the haunting childhood riddles like, is Nanny just legs? Did the Doozers from Fraggle Rock really get their own spin off show? Was there really a Henson show about Five Alien Orphans in Space fighting an evil force called “The Shock”? Answers to these questions, and more questions without answers will be revealed! And remember, we have mimosas and croissants for the parents and this month, a Henson-themed all-you-can-eat cereal bar for kids of all ages. And as always — Pajamas are encouraged.

All children under 14 get free admission to this event!