Santa Sangre ENCORE (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Preceded by puppet show!

Alejandro Jodorowsky is no stranger to surrealism, sadomasochism, and the dark side of codependency, but never have they all come together in such a striking way as his 1989 avant-garde, psych-horror extravaganza Santa Sangre. Largely concerned with exploring a manipulative, fetishistic, and perverse relationship between mother and son, Santa Sangre is a macabre, darkly funny, and shockingly beautiful tale of a boy growing up in the circus, trying to make sense of the Jungian archetypes embedded in the increasingly solipsistic behaviors of the supposed adults surrounding him. Exploding with cavalcades of colors and Fellini-esque characters, Santa Sangre is quite possibly Jodorowsky’s greatest achievement, bringing his admiration for Buñuel’s Mexican films and his gigantic heart together, via the seemingly perfect vehicle of the circus.

Dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1989, Digital Presentation, 123 min.