Sans Soleil (3/28, 7:30pm)

Filmmaking to dazzle the brain and quicken the heart! Thirty years ago, the fantastic and always-unpredictable Chris Marker (director of the legendary ‘60s sci-fi masterpiece La Jetée) pioneered the epistolary film with this spellbinding travelogue-cum-philosophical inquiry into to the nature of time, memory, and history. In lesser hands, Marker’s luminous footage could presented a doc on various weird cultural aspects of modern-day Japan, from a sex museum to a troupe of dancing Martians — but Marker molds it all into the form of a woman reading letters from her traveler friend, who jumps from Japan to the markets of the Cape Verde Islands, to the lunar landscape of Iceland and elsewhere, observing with all the wonder, fascination, and detachment of a visiting astronaut. Mix in some grade-A psychedelic video manipulation, electronic moon music, a brief detour into the mysteries of Vertigo (plus lots of cats), and you have a totally uncategorizable film that resonates across time and space with a kaleidoscope of glorious imagery, irrepressible curiosity and a tinge of melancholy at what time does to us all.
Dir. Chris Marker, 1983, HD presentation, 100 min.

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