Sam Klemke's Time Machine (9/29)

1977: The year NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2 with the Golden Record on board, and the year that 19 year-old Sam Klemke began recording “personal status reports” on film. Klemke, like a prescient Internet personality, annually amasses footage that brutally details the largely disappointing milestones and mundane habits that constitute his life. Cut to the Golden Record, the mythical and alluring Carl Sagan-curated document of life on earth, a time capsule on a phonograph, designed to communicate the state of human civilization to deep space dwelling aliens—a wildly poetic scientific endeavor. Director Matthew Bate throws the two together, pitching Klemke’s gritty analog selfie into dialogue with some of the world’s glossiest romantic history, in this veritable treasure trove of ephemera.

Dir. Matthew Bate, 2015, DCP, 90 min.

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