Rubber (3/29, 10:00pm, filmmaker Quentin Dupieux in person!)

“For those who thrive on the willfully absurd, Dupieux’s creation will be an instant hit.” — Todd Brown,

One of our favorite horror sub-genre traditions: the murderous inanimate object. Evil tree — check (The Guardian); evil bed — check (Death Bed), evil car — double check (Duel & Christine); and now, evil car tire! Before Quentin Dupieux birthed Wrong into our world, he delivered in 2011 an ominous, heady mixture of exploding heads, deadpan comedy and immaculately executed cinematography. “Robert” (a seemingly ordinary discarded car tire) develops sentience, roams the Southwest deserts, and learns to telekinetically blow up anything in its path that it can’t squash by rolling over — all while a Greek chorus of onlookers watch the film-within-the-film that actually is the film! Rubber is devious late-night fun, full of irony and allusions — not so much a horror movie, but a movie about horror movies that celebrates the inherently absurd and surreal notion of movie conventions. It’s as if Godard actually made a B-movie, rather than referencing them. Quentin Dupieux will be here in person to introduce the film!
Dir. Quentin Dupieux, 2011, 35mm, 85 min.

Watch the trailer for Rubber!
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