Rods & Cones (L.A. premiere presented by Wifey, cast/crew in person!)

From the team behind the highly-anticipated new Amazon series Transparent and from indie film auteurs Steakhaus Productions, along with a duo of jokers who write at home in their underpants, comes Rods and Cones! This comedy web series features the exciting directorial debut of visual artist Laurel Frank, follows a couple of sloppy estrogen-charged comediennes (played by Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen) as they unwittingly throw down with burnt-out performance artists Bess and George (Jibz Cameron and Erin Markey.) Starting with a meet-up involving an exploding coffee can of pennies, a giant rubber band and a sparsely-attended backyard art party, Rods and Cones quickly devolves from there. Enjoy watching four women, whose ages add up to more than 150, as they get to know each other, blow each other, and show each other their bizarre emotional landscapes, great jokes, and weird bodies. Wifey co-founder Jill Soloway, director Laurel Frank, producer Steakhaus, cast members Tara Jepsen & Beth Lisick and more in person! Wifey premieres the five-part series Rods and Cones on September 8-12, at

Watch the trailer for “Rods and Cones”!
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