Rockers (4/23)

Encased in a deeply hypnotic stylistic shell, Rockers transports you entirely to another planet, giving you a fly-on-the-wall slice-of-life portrait of your average I And I kind o’ guy just trying to live his life, play some drums, and get back at the Mafia assholes who stole his motorbike. Ostensibly a Rasta twist on de Sica’s The Bicycle Thief, Rockers’ understated, shaggy-dog Steadicam storytelling, serpentining its way through the netherworld of impoverished Jamaican neighborhoods and scary-looking outrageous parties, serves as a raw canvas for some of the most breathtakingly awesome fashions and deeply felt musical sequences of its era. The highlights here are legendary: a heartrending a capella version of “Jah No Dead”, sung by Burning Spear on the beach at midnight; the polite Rasta hijack of the squaresville discotheque DJ booth; and, for all the vinylheads out there, the incredible vérité snapshots of Kingston’s many roadside mom-n-pop 45 RPM singles shops. With its hyper-realistic episodic tableaux, its highly individual cast of mischievous dudes, and its never-faltering soundtrack pulse, Rockers will smoke your face off.
Dir. Theodoros Bafaloukos, 1978, 35mm, 100 min.

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