Road House

Patrick Swayze’s throat-ripping, ass-kicking farewell to the ‘80s Golden Age remains the best friend a good time ever had AND the manliest movie ever directed by a man named Rowdy. Swayze’s “Dalton” is the world’s greatest bouncer, tai chi master, sensitive tough guy, all-around mulleted dreamboat and quite possibly the greatest hero of American Cinema (with a capital C). Paired with deep-voiced mentor Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott) to clean up the Double Deuce honky-tonk, Dalton quickly runs afoul of lawlessness, wanton violence, local hillbillies and deep-pocketed villain Brad Wesley (Cassavetes regular Ben Gazzara). Inconceivably nominated for five Razzies, Road House is impossible to ignore — a cinematic punch to the nuts that’s equal parts bustin’ heads and breakin’ hearts. Screening in 35mm Rowdy-Vision!
Dir. Rowdy Herrington, 1989, 35mm, 114 min.

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