Raze (L.A. premiere, filmmakers & Zoe Bell in person!)

Filmmaker Josh Waller, Zoë Bell and other cast members in person! Awakening after being abducted, Jamie (Rachel Nichols) finds herself in a concrete bunker, and discovers that she’s trapped in a modern-day “coliseum” along with dozens of other women — including the devious Sabrina (played by stuntwoman extraordinare Zoë Bell, Death Proof) — all condemned to kill each other, in order to protect their very own loved ones.
Dir. Josh Waller, 2013, DCP, 87 min.

“If you’re the type of person who ever thought, ‘Man, I wish there was a movie filled with attractive women beating the shit out of each other,’ well, Raze has come along to answer your prayers. A brutal, relentless machine of neo-exploitation, Josh Waller’s debut has been described as a take on the women-in-prison movie, but this is one without campy winking at the audience — and with a few of the performers giving some surprisingly emotional heft to their portrayals. That is, when their characters aren’t bashing each other to a bloody pulp. Raze makes no bones about what it sets out to do — to offer an exceedingly violent spectacle — and if nothing else, it certainly succeeds at meeting that goal.” — Christopher Bourne, Twitch

Watch the trailer for “Raze”!
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