QUEER/ART/FILM: Orlando (presented by Jamie Babbit!)

Taking a lavish journey through poetry, politics, romanticism, and selfhood, this tour-de-force adaptation of Virgina Woolf’s groundbreaking early 20th-century novel stars Tilda Swinton as a young Renaissance man who transforms into a modern woman. As one of the New Queer Cinema movement’s most audacious statements, Sally Potter’s Orlando elevated Swinton from Derek Jarman’s muse to full-fledged cinematic diva, as she transcends sexes and centuries. This is a film to be savored on the big screen, as it spans from opulent pageantry to cool motorcycle chic, all with a coy wit — such as casting the legendary Quentin Crisp in drag in a cameo as Queen Elizabeth. Jamie Babbit, this month’s Q/A/F guest curator, has had a long, rich career directing guilty TV pleasures like Nip/Tuck, Gilmore Girls and Drop Dead Diva, as well as But I’m A Cheerleader, the beloved big-screen sexual conversion farce starring Natasha Lyonne — join her as she discusses Orlando, and the films of Sally Potter, as an influence on her own work!
Dir. Sally Potter, 1992, 35mm, 92 min.

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