QUEER/ART/FILM: Lizzie Borden presents "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

“I did it for England.” – Peter Finch, on mainstream cinema’s first-ever on-screen homosexual kiss in Sunday Bloody Sunday

Just two short years after his groundbreaking, Oscar-winning Midnight Cowboy, openly gay director John Schlesinger made this fearless queer classic about a doctor (Network’s Peter Finch) and his divorced female friend (Ken Russell favorite Glenda Jackson) who both share the same partner — a flighty artist (Murray Head) who flits back and forth from one bed to the other. Thanks in no small part to the delicate subtleties of Finch’s heartrending performance, the film stands as possibly Schlesinger’s greatest work — and remains a favorite of fellow film director Lizzie Borden, whose feminist underground sci-fi epic Born In Flames similarly stirred up the queer consciousness just over a decade later, in 1983. We’ll talk to Lizzie both before and after the screening about how this (and other films) influenced her work — and then it’s time for some beers and fun on the Cinefamily backyard patio. Don’t miss our second exciting Queer/Art/Film L.A. screening; what better way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend?
Dir. John Schlesinger, 1971, 35mm, 110 min.

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