Purple Noon

Greg Proops (one of the most mind-warpingly quick-draw improv comics on earth) records the latest episode of his monthly Film Club podcast live — and then it’s time for Purple Noon.

Greg sez: Purple Noon is the sexy French version of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Why so sexy? Well, mon ami, Alain Delon, (Le Samourai for Film Club Fans), hot teenage paratrooper in Vietnam and hoodlum supreme was launched into stardom by this picture. His Ripley is a feral id monster who kills people just so he can have nice things. Shot in postcard 1960 Rome and island paradise Ischia, the blue water of the Mediterranean is as warm as Ripley’s frosty eyes and black soul are cold. This thriller leaves no doubt who the bad guy is; Delon’s unrelenting fervor for the perfect crime is what makes this one run wild. That and he is the sexiest cat you don’t want as your best friend. Come and get it Hollywood, you know you want it. Smoking outside. No knives allowed.

Dir. René Clément, 1960, 35mm, 118 min.