Punishment Park (OPENING NIGHT PARTY, cast/crew in person!)

An astonishing all-American dystopia that’s both terrifyingly realistic and fantastically hyperbolic, Peter Watkins’ masterpiece Punishment Park melts down the righteous anger of Vietnam protest politics into a nail-biting flow of pure narrative propulsion.  In the film’s chilling “what-if” scenario, a uniformly groovy panoply of subversives (featuring pacifists, feminists, professors, draft dodgers and pop stars) stand in resistance against repressive establishment squares at a lethal government-sponsored kangaroo court — but survival soon trumps articulateness, as the prisoners are plunged into the deepest levels of hell right in the open air: a grueling, Most Dangerous Game-style desert death race with no food or water, but plenty of ticked-off cops.  Shot guerilla-style on 16mm in a Mojave Desert dry lake bed, this docudrama trailblazer is unforgiving, raw, and scorching, and features shocking performances from its non-professional actors, who were cast primarily for their ability to speak on-camera about their real-life political beliefs.  While insightfully awash in Seventies counterculture, Punishment Park is no time capsule, for what’s most terrifying is how relevant its alternate-reality police state still feels forty years later.  Brand-new 35mm print! Plus, cinematographer Joan Churchill and cast members Katherine Quittner, Rob Lewine, Jim Churchill, and Gary & Michelle Johnson will all be here for a Q&A after the screening — and join us for a post-screening reception on Cinefamily’s backyard Spanish patio!
Dir. Peter Watkins, 1971, 35mm, 88 min.

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