Pulp My Daisy: Jazz, Noir & Beatniks - D.O.A. (with actress Beverly Warren in person!)

Come at 3:30 for drinks and live jazz on the patio!
A true classic that launched a thousand (or at least one) punk bands and multiple remakes, this is bleak, even for a film noir: the main character stumbles into a police station—in one of the most innovative first scenes in film—to report his own murder. He’ll be dead within a couple days, poisoned with “luminous toxic matter” (yes, it glows in the dark). Before he goes he wants to find the man that killed him. Business hours have never been so crucial: Frank’s jumping in and out of cars, even grabbing an airplane from San Francisco to hit LA by the afternoon, making all sorts of rude house calls because he no longer gives a shit—and in a way that’s kind of a super-power. There’s a super-early depiction of Beat subculture: small-town Frank winds up in a sweaty Frisco jazz bar, weirded out by these “jive-crazy” music connoisseurs talking about “vibrations.” Frank prefers his Guy Lombardo, but as that “really silk” jazz band basically hypnotizes the bar into a Bacchic frenzy, you get the ominous feeling he’s on the wrong side of history.

Dir. Rudolph Maté, 1950, 16mm, 83 min.

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