Progressive Rock Party (feat. "Yes Is The Answer" Book Celebration & "Genesis: Live"!)

Crimson, Genesis, Pink Floyd, oh my! No stranger to the maligned and the misunderstood in the realm of cinema, Cinefamily is thrilled to now turn the lights up on one of our favorite musical dreamscapes — one traditionally scoffed at by critics, and dismissed by the fairweather flock: vintage progressive rock. To celebrate the publication of “Yes Is The Answer”, the first literary anthology devoted to prog rock’s legacy (featuring contributions by acclaimed novelists Rick Moody, Wesley Stace, Seth Greenland, Charles Bock, and Joe Meno, as well as musicians Nathan Larson and Peter Case), it’s a heady stew of rare 35mm prints, excerpted readings from the book by its authors, and video rarities up the wazoo. First up, the book’s local contributors read from their pieces, followed by killer footage of the bands in question — and then it’s onto the evening’s archival film prints: 1977’s sublime 45-minute Genesis: In Concert, filmed in expansive Cinemascope and unscreened in Los Angeles for decades — and 1983’s Kilroy Was Here, Styx’s 10-minute dystopian filmed “intro” to their worldwide tour of the same name. “Yes Is The Answer” is the first book that dares to thoughtfully reclaim prog rock as a subject worthy of serious consideration — so take a Topographic Journey into the 21st Century Schizoid land of Prog-Lit!
Genesis: Live Dir. Tony Maylam, 1977, 35mm, 45 min.
Kilroy Was Here Dirs. Brian Gibson & Jerry Kramer, 1983, 35mm, 10 min. (Archival print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

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